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Producing Incredible Beers

Regardless of whether you prefer a classic German lager, English ale, or something completely different, when you’re at The Great Dane, you can be sure the beer in your glass has been brewed in strict accordance with the traditional guidelines for its style. We brew with raw materials from over five different countries to ensure authentic reproductions, and we never, ever use cheap adjuncts.

Black Earth Porter

Robust Porter
6.30% abv

Full-bodied | Complex | Coffee & Chocolate

Crop Circle Wheat

German-Style Hefeweizen
5.50% abv

Unfiltered | Fruity | Refreshing

Devil’s Lake

Red Lager (Nitro)
5.50% abv

Smooth | Well-Balanced | Approachable

Emerald Isle Stout

Irish-Style Dry Stout
4.30% abv

Velvety | Creamy | Dark Yet Light

George Ruder's German Pilsner

A traditional German-style Pilsner
5.25% abv

A Lighter-Bodied Pils that Finishes Crisp

German Pils

German-Style Pilsner
5.25% abv

Crisp | Clean | Easygoing


A Celebration of our State’s Hop Growing Renaissance.
5.90% abv

Imperial IPA

India Pale Ale
8.10% abv

Hop Heavy | Piney | Full-bodied

Landmark Lite

Light Lager
3.65% abv

Light | Refreshing


6.10% abv

A medium-bodied, dark copper Marzen-style lager.

Old Glory

American Pale Ale
5.25% abv

Medium Bodied | Unfiltered | Hoppy

Peck's Pilsner

Classic Czech-Style Pilsner
5.50% abv

Medium Bodied | Moderately Hoppy

Stone of Scone

Scotch Ale
6.50% abv

Full-bodied | Malty Sweetness | Caramel & Chocolate

Texas Speedbump India Pale Ale

Amarillo Hops with a Toasty Caramel Malt Body
6.50% abv

Woolly Mammoth Porter

Colossal Essence of Coffee & Chocolate Tones
6.40% abv

Reap Food Group Burgers & Brew

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