Maple Barrel Porter

ABV 6.6%


Barrel-aged Porter

Aged for a year in maple barrels, this malty and robust porter is incredibly smooth, creating a complex beer that’s sure to please. Warm notes of vanilla and oak from the barrels complement chocolate flavors from the malts. Staying true to tradition, it’s served from a cask to bring out every flavor.

Color Black
Aroma Roasted, chocolate, maple, vanilla, bourbon
Hops Fuggle, Cascade
Malts Pils, Chocolate, Caramel, Roasted Barley, Carapils, Victory, Munich, Wheat, Black Malt
Original Gravity 16.6°P
Final Gravity 4.6°P


On Draft

Barrel Aged & Extra smooth.

Served from a cask with a traditional gravity pour, Maple Barrel Porter is a true delicacy. Aged in barrels that first aged bourbon, then maple syrup, this beer is mellow, malty and slightly sweet. Nine different malts add rich, chocolate flavors.

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