Host Your Event With us.

We Love Large Parties. 

Grad parties. Holiday celebrations. Corporate Events. We’re built to host your next large party or event. Whether you want a private get-together, outdoor gathering or just want to have fun with a bunch of family and friends, we have you covered. From buffet menus to drinks/apps for the crew, we specialize in making your event great.

we’ve got eats for the whole party.

Check out our large group and events menu – sure to appease all of your guests.



** Note that this FAQ applies only to our Madison-area pubs.

Is there a fee for private rooms?

Nope. Rather than fees, we have food and beverage minimums we ask that you meet. Minimums vary by location, level of privacy, size of room, date and time. Please ask for policy information when reserving your space.

What is your reservation policy?

All Madison locations accept non-private dining reservations for 8 to 24 people, any time Sunday-Thursday and until 4 p.m. on Friday/Saturday.
Private, semi-private and any reservations after 4 p.m. on Friday/Saturday require a contract agreeing to a food and beverage minimum.

How does the food and beverage minimum work?

All food, beverage and tax on the main tab will apply to the minimum. Cash bar or separate checks will not be applied to the minimum. Gratuity is added to the final tab.

What if my tab falls short of the minimum?

We will add the difference as a fee.

Can we order from the full menu?

The full menu is available for groups of 24 or less. Groups over 24 may choose a limited menu or buffet. Groups over 40 will require a pre-order or buffet.

How far out can we book?

We accept reservations up to one year in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no penalty for cancellation with at least seven days notice (14 days for graduation).

What is the deposit for a reservation?

For contracted reservations we do ask for a credit card number to keep on file. We do not require a deposit and payment is not required to be applied to the card on file.

Can we carry out leftovers from buffets or platters?