Kona Winds Mango Pineapple Ale

ABV 6.4%


Fruit Ale

Light and fruity thanks to an exotic yeast, we took the tropical flavors and aromas up another level with the addition of pineapple and mango. It’s light and refreshing with a dry finish, making it incredibly easy drinking.

Color Pale Gold
Aroma Tropical, mango, pineapple
Hops Sultana, Styrian
Malts Pils, Wheat, Oats, Sauer
Original Gravity 13.7°P
Final Gravity 1.25°P


On Draft
1/2 BBL
1/6 BBL

So Tropical it’s like Hawaii in a glass.

Fresh fruit gives this ale an additional tropical boost.Pilsner malt, wheat and oats let the fruity aromas come through but add a subtle maltiness to keep things interesting.

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