Dane Rewards Program

A Rewards Program That Treats You Right. Year Round.

Free to join. Easy to use.

Eat. Drink. Earn.

No one likes a complicated rewards program. So here’s what you need to know. For every $50 you spend you get $5 to use on our food, beer and merch.

Dane deals. Every day.

Get $15 on your birthday. Earn double points (that’s double dollars) during happy hour, M-F. Long story, short, we’re making it easy to collect Dane dollars.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Click here and enter your phone number. That’s it. You’ll then receive a text message with a link to complete your profile.

Why should I complete my profile?

Fill out your profile with your name, birthday and email to receive additional specials, including rewards-only beer and food deals. Not to mention, you’ll then get $15 off on beer and food on your birthday.

Do I get anything when I sign up?

Right out of the gate you’ll get 100 points, which is worth $10. You can use this on your next visit or online order.

What do I get on my birthday?

Birthdays are awesome. So, you get $15 to use on beer, food and merch. It must be redeemed within one week of your birthday.

Can I earn extra points?

Heck ya. We throw out double points during happy hour, M-F. We’ll add some other double-point delights throughout the year and will be sure to always let you know.

How old do I need to be to join Dane Rewards?

21. Don’t blame us. Blame the man.

Can I redeem points online?

Yes, you can apply your points to carryout orders.

Can I redeem points when I order through EatStreet?

No, not at this time.

What is Toast and why do I see its logo when I sign up and use points?

Toast is the app we use to manage all transactions. It’s easy, secure and trusted by restaurants nationally. It allows us to offer a premium rewards program for free.

Is it free to join?

Yes! 100% All you have to do is provide your phone number.

How do I redeem the points/dollars I earn?

You can use them at any time, in $5 increments. Your server will ask if you want to apply the dollars you earn. Online, you apply them at checkout.

How much is each point worth? 

Each point is worth 10 cents. No crazy math, here. That means you can think in dollars. Have 50 points? That’s $5. 100 points? 10 dollars

Do my points expire?

No. That would just be mean.

Can I use my rewards at all locations?

Yes. You can get and exchange rewards at all our Madison-area and Wausau locations.

If I join Dane Rewards, will you apply points for my previous visits? 

No, unfortunately we can’t do that. You begin collecting points on all future purchases immediately after you sign up. 

Do Dane Rewards points apply to buffets and platters?  

No, not at this time.  

Can rewards be applied retroactively to previous purchases? 

No. Rewards must be applied at the time of purchase. Be sure to confirm with your server or bartender that your rewards were applied.  

Can rewards points be used to purchase a gift card?

Unfortunately, reward points may not be used to purchase a gift card.

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