Saison de mélange

ABV 7.4%


Saison IPA

Mélange means medley and that’s what this limited release delivers. Four hops create a fruit & citrus aroma that blends beautifully with spicey notes of farmhouse ale yeast. Brewed at our pubs – never mined from Arrakis.

Color Pale Gold
Aroma Spicy, fruity, hoppy
Hops Mandarina, Citra, Chinook, Falconer’s Flight

Saison, Medley and Dune fans rejoice.

This one has a hint of spice thanks to Farmhouse Ale yeast, but don’t worry, it’s not the spice from Dune, as the name may suggest. Dry-hopped, you get a citrus hop aroma that creates a unique beer bringing saisons and IPAs together in one glass.

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