Crop Circle Wheat

ABV 5.5%


German-Style Hefeweizen

A Dane classic, Crop Circle Wheat is a traditional Hefewiezen that perfectly blends flavors of banana, citrus and clove.

Color Straw to Amber
Aroma Clove, Banana, Yeast
Hops Hallertau
Malts Munich, Pilsen, Wheat
Original Gravity 13.50°P
Final Gravity 3.20°P


On Draft
12-ounce Cans
1/2 BBL
1/6 BBL

Making other wheat beers jealous.

Slightly cloudy and made with imported German yeast, Crop Circle delivers familiar aromas and flavors of classic Hefewiezen beers. Add a lemon slice to make it extra nice. A welcoming warm-weather brew.

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