Serving our community. As important as serving good beer.

Protecting Pups

Well, all animals to be totally accurate. From nonprofits giving abandoned pets a second chance to sanctuaries saving so many animals, we regularly provide funds and supplies to those working selflessly to help four-legged friends in Wisconsin.

Arts Are Everything

Local artists and musicians are the soul of our community. Whether it’s programs that give kids access to the arts or local theatres, we believe a healthy, vibrant arts scene is critical to a progressive society.

Caring for Kids

From our annual Adopt-a-Family fundraiser to supporting multiple local nonprofits, our goal is to give kids and families a better chance at succeeding and chasing their dreams. So many go without; we want to help change that.

Good neighbors don’t go at it alone.

Since day one, our founders made it our mission to support the community through donations and volunteering. From local youth organizations and museums to annual charity drives, helping others is at the core of what we do. Yes, we make beer. But we also want to make the world a better place.

Have a worthy cause? Request a donation.

Take a look at our guidelines for donation requests and to see if your organization fits well with our values.