Saison Brune

ABV 7.3%


Farmhouse Ale

Rustic and complex, this traditional Saison has a light malty character with subtle caramel notes. Aged with Brett yeast for several months, Saison Brune is slightly tart with fruity flavors that add to its complexity.

Color Brown
Aroma Malty, peppery, plum, caramel
Hops Saaz
Malts Vienna, Munich, Caramel, Carfa
Original Gravity 15.3°P
Final Gravity 1.5°P


On Draft
1/2 BBL
1/6 BBL

A traditional saison that goes down easy.

This farmhouse ale is aged with an exotic yeast to deliver a slightly tart and fruity Saison that’s not too heavy. You’ll notice hints of cherry and plum along with with a sweet malty finish.

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