The Wing Challenge You’ve Waited For

Need a little spice in your life? A little zing on your wings? A chance to prove you can handle the hottest peppers on the planet? Of course you do. Our wing challenge – available exclusively at our Fitchburg, Wisconsin pub, will test your taste buds with some heavy heat. All you have to do is eat six wings with our “Dane-gerous” sauce, survive a few minutes without a drink, and you can call yourself a champ (and get a few prizes, too).

Deets on Dane-gerous Sauce

This one’s going to set your head on fire, folks. Our Dane-gerous sauce is a combination of the hottest fresh and dried chilies available. We’ve roasted and slowly simmered habanero, jalapeño Carolina reaper, chili de arbol, chipotle and ghost peppers with garlic, vinegar and our own blend of spices to deliver nothing short of flavorful fireball that will challenge even the finest connoisseurs of heat.


The Dane Wing Challenge is available exclusively at our Fitchburg Location.