Dane MUFA Program

Our Frisbee Friends are always welcome.

Get your pitchers after you hit the pitch.

Free Beer, Here.

Each MUFA team gets two free pitchers of beer at any Dane location on the evenings of games. Just hand your server your punch card and let ’em know what beer you want!

in Madison on Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Upgrade your pitchers.

All of our tier-1 beers are free – a $16 value – but you can upgrade to tier-2 or tier-3 beers for $2 and $4, respectively, per pitcher. Ask your server which beers on tap fall into each category.

How many pitchers does each team get?

Each MUFA team receives two free pitchers on the evening of each game.

Are all beers free?

Our tier-1 beers are free. There is a $2 upcharge for tier-2 beers and a $4 upcharge for tier-3 beers. Ask your server which beers on tap have an additional cost.

Do we need our punch card to get our free pitchers?

Yes. We’ll need your punch card on each visit.

Do we need to show ID’s?

Yes. We’ll need to see a valid ID for each glass ordered with your pitchers. Violation will result in the forfeiture of your team card.

What should I do if I lose our punch card?

Please email David Reinemann to request a new card. Replacement cards will be available within two business days for pick-up at our downtown location. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost cards

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