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  • Chiang Mai Curry Noodle Bowl
    Noodles by RP’s Pasta in a lightly spiced Thai coconut curry soup. Topped with chili-grilled chicken, pickled red onion, bean sprouts, red peppers, cilantro, lime, and crispy noodles.
  • Webster Street Chicken Salad
    Roasted chicken strips, Granny Smith apples, sun-dried cranberries, walnuts and Wisconsin Gorgonzola cheese drizzled with a Honey Citrus dressing. Served on top of mixed greens and tomatoes.
  • Brat & Bacon Pretzel Burger
    Seven-ounces of fresh choice beef and a one-quarter pound bratwurst burger grilled with stout-caramelized onions and topped with Applewood smoked bacon and Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese. Served on a pretzel roll with a side of Peck’s Pilsner mustard.
  • High Point Harvest Bowl
    A hearty and healthy bowl of brown rice, red quinoa, sweet potatoes, roasted beets, spicy cashews, edamame, pickled onion, broccoli, dried apricot and sesame crusted tofu. Seasoned with an orange ginger dressing.
  • Sara B's Beet Salad
    Freshly steamed beets, pickled onions, orange segments, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, fresh mint, pomegranate Balsamic glaze, endive and arugula.

The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company is a unique experience, it’s not just pub fare! Our diverse menu exceeds expectations and manages to do with some flair, panache, and creativity!

An ambitious menu crafted over the course of over twenty-years from Wisconsin favorites, southwestern, Mediterranean, and the best traditional American cuisine. A variety of sides, an abundance of options, ensures that there is always something for everyone to enjoy!

The Great Dane Pub menu's are also available in downloadable .pdf format.