We get a lot of questions about keg orders. Take a look below to see if we have the answer you’re looking for


Which beers are available in kegs? 

Click here to view the list of available beers at each Madison-area Dane. All beers are available while supplies last. Please note that the beer list will vary slightly from location to location. Additionally, not all beers on our tap list are available in kegs.

What size kegs do you offer?

We offer 1/6th barrels (5 gal.) and 1/2 barrels (15.5 gal.). We do not offer 1/4 barrels.

Can I buy a keg of Emerald Isle Stout, Black Earth Porter, or Devil’s Lake Red Lager?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer kegs of beers served on a nitro tap (Emerald Isle and Devil’s Lake), or a beer engine (Black Earth Porter & some other seasonal beers).

Will the beer come cold? 

Yes, we always keep our beer in the cooler until you arrive to pick it up.

Do I need to keep the keg cold after I pick it up?

Yes, our beer should be kept cold to ensure the best quality and the best pour.

Will you provide ice for my keg?

No, please obtain your own ice to keep your keg cold if needed.


Where can I pick up a keg?

Kegs are available for pickup at our Downtown, Fitchburg, and Hilldale locations.

How soon can I pick up my keg?

We require at least three days’ notice for all keg orders. This gives our brewers time to clean and fill your keg and ensures you get the freshest keg possible. We do not pre-fill kegs.

You must place your complete order before 4 p.m. Thursday if you want to pick it up on a Saturday or Sunday.

Will you deliver my keg to me?

Kegs are only available for pickup. We do not offer delivery for retail kegs.


What do you charge for a deposit?

You must provide credit card information upon pickup to hold your deposit for kegs and tappers. We will keep your card details on file until you return your equipment. We don’t charge you for a deposit up front, but we will charge you $100 per keg and $50 per tapper if you don’t return your equipment. Make sure to let staff know when you return equipment so we can note it.

Can I borrow a tapper?

Yes, you may borrow a tapper free of charge (while supplies last). Please indicate that you need one when you place your order. Tapper deposits are $50 each.

What type of kegs do you use?

We use standard American sanke kegs with a D System coupler. Our kegs are not compatible with ball lock homebrew setups.

What are the dimensions of your kegs?

1/2 barrels are 24” high with a 16’’ diameter. 1/6th barrels are 25’’ tall with a 9’’ diameter.

Will you fill my keg?

No, sorry. We only fill our own Great Dane kegs so we can ensure the best quality for you.


When do I have to return my keg?

We ask that you return kegs and tappers within nine days. If you have a kegerator or other home bar setup and do not require a tapper, you may keep the keg for 3 weeks.

If you have a special circumstance and need to keep your keg longer than that, please reach out! We may be able to make arrangements.

How do I return my keg? 

You must return your keg to the location that you picked it up from. Let a manager know when you’re returning equipment so they can shred your deposit information. Tell them your name and what equipment you are returning. Please don’t leave kegs or tappers outside of the building. You must leave them with Great Dane staff to guarantee you won’t be charged a fee.