Will the Dane enforce social distancing guidelines?

Fully vaccinated guests and staff do not need to socially distance. If you are not vaccinated or are not 14 days out from your final shot, you must stay six feet apart from people outside of your party.

Do customers have to wear a mask while at the Dane?

Yes, all guests must wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking, regardless of vaccination status. This is required per the most recent mandate from Public Health Madison and Dane County.

Will the Dane provide masks for guests who do not have them?

We’ll provide masks for free. They’ll be available at the host stand when you enter.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes, we accepted reservations Sunday-Thursday for groups of eight or less. Reservations are contingent on staff availability. Please call your local Great Dane locations to check availability.

Do you accept cash?

Yes, we accept cash and credit cards. When using cash, we ask you to place it directly on the table or bar rather than handing it to your server/bartender.

Will you have outdoor dining?

We have limited outdoor seating available at all pubs (weather-dependent).

Will pool tables, darts, jukeboxes, and other games be available?

Pool tables, darts, shuffleboard, and jukeboxes are available to use at all pubs.

Will your employees wear masks?

Yes, all staff will wear masks regardless of vaccination status. This is in line with Public Health Madison and Dane County’s most recent mandate.

What about gloves for your employees?

All kitchen staff will wear gloves. Hosts, servers, and others may wear gloves if they chose. We will focus on strict and frequent handwashing and sanitizing, as it’s proven to be the most effective way to kill and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cleaning + Disinfecting

What are you doing to keep your pubs clean and disinfected?

We are taking dozens of steps. First and foremost, we’re adhering to the Forward Dane Plan. 

We’re increasing the frequency at which we clean and disinfect all hard surfaces, restrooms, and frequently touched items such as door handles. 

All tables will be disinfected after each use. All of our detailed cleaning protocols are available to view upon request.

How often are your restrooms cleaned?

We are cleaning and disinfecting our restrooms every 45 minutes – at the minimum. The cleaning log will be available for all guests to view.

Is your staff getting additional training?

Yes. We have provided additional training and retraining for all employees, ensuring they fully understand how to use masks and gloves and prevent cross-contamination.

Does each pub get cleaned at night?

Yes. We will do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting nightly.

Everything food related

Will you continue to offer daily specials?

All of our pubs offer daily or weekly specials. Stay tuned and check out our social media for popular menu items.

Will you continue to offer delivery?

Yes. Direct pickup will remain available for all carryout orders. Additionally, delivery will remain available through EatStreet.

Are you using disposable plates and utensils?

No. We are using regular silverware and dishes. Our dishwashers thoroughly sanitize and disinfect, killing germs, including COVID-19.