Oranje Crush

Oranje Crush | This dry, yeasty ale is brewed with Mandarina Bavaria hops and bitter orange peel for a memorable tangy finish. With rustic malt undertones, hints of orange and a creamy mouthfeel, this balanced brew will keep you sipping happy now that spring has arrived, and at 5.5%, its most definitely crushable!

Made with Saison yeast, Mandarina Bavaria hops and a small amount of bitter orange peel.  The yeast hails from southern Belgium and produces a very dry beer that also has a great creamy mouthfeel.  The yeast lends a spicy quality with a tangy finish. While thoroughly dry, this beer has a pronounced grainy/malt flavor stemming from the use of rye, Vienna and wheat malt.  Oranje Crush is a yeast forward ale married with a balanced orange/tangerine flavor profile, all supported by a grainy, rustic malt undertone.  

Carryout 6-packs available at all Great Dane locations and fine area merchants for a limited time!