Nov 13 2019
Community Involvement

Lena The Great

In the spring of 2011, The Great Dane Pub & Brewpub donated $15,000 to the Dane County Humane Society to help aid 15 rescued Great Danes seized from a Green County house. The residence lacked adequate room, sanitary conditions, and the dogs were neglected and malnourished.

In the Fall of 2018, the Great Dane's marketing department coincidently hired a  majestic Great Dane for their holiday photographic needs. Imagine their surprise when we discovered that Lena was one of the puppies aided in 2011.

Lena's mother offered the following recollections.

Lena had a rough start in life, coming from a hoarding situation where she shared an average-sized house with 45 (yep, you read that right, FORTY-FIVE!!) other Great Danes. The conditions were deplorable, and in May of 2011, all 46 Danes were seized by the county do to neglect and animal cruelty. 

They spent almost three months in the shelter before being released for adoption. That was when both Lena's and my life changed forever. I met a few Danes that day, but Lena and I had a connection from the first time we met & I knew she was meant to come home with me. When I was finally able to bring her home, she was 20 pounds underweight. 

She had little to no training and had some food aggression toward other dogs (who can blame her after having to fight for every meal in her "past life"?). But despite all that, she was the sweetest, snuggliest, smartest addition to the family I could ever imagine. 

Eventually, Lena reached a healthy weight, made TONS of new 4-legged friends at the doggie daycare, and earned her Canine Good Citizen certification. Over the last eight adventurous years, Lena and I are best of friends. She's been with me through happy times and challenges. She's joined me on cross-country road trips, camping trips, and countless hikes and adventures. 

Lena and I are grateful for everyone who played a part in the Great Dane rescue. The Great Dane Pub made it possible for so many gentle giants to be cared for while they awaited their forever homes.